We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Toroidal Transformers, Toroidal Current Transformers - TORO-OMEGA-70 and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Toroidal Current Transformers - TORO-OMEGA-70All dimensions are in mm.
Mechanical Dimensions
Toroidal Current Transformers - TORO-OMEGA-70Toroidal Current Transformers - TORO-OMEGA-70
Toroidal Current Transformers - TORO-OMEGA-70Schematic

Specification :

Primary Current Range
50 - 150 Amp
Secondary Current
1 or 5 Amp
VA Rating
1 VA to 5 VA
Accuracy Class
As per client request
50 / 60 Hz.
H.V. Test
Between Primary to secondary 2 KV.
Class F
Class B
Operating Temperature
-15 to 70 deg. Celsius
Flying Lead Red-start, Black - End.
Base plate, with flying leads

Features / Applications :

Current transformers are used for electrical measuring instruments and / or electrical protective devices. They are very useful in high power circuits where the current is large.

  • Current transformers are subdivided into two main categories:
    These transformers are used in measuring and indicating current, that is to reduce the line current to a value which is suitable for standard measuring instruments, relays etc.
    These transformers are used for over current and undercurrent relaying for power circuit protection

  • TYPE : Current Transformers are normally categorized as Ring / Bar type and Wound Primary
    Ring / Bar type current transformer : A current transformer where primary winding is provided by 'the user.
    Wound primary current transformer : A current transformer having a primary winding of more than one full turn wound on core.

  • Current Transformers are wound on Toroidal cores which virtually eliminates error due to leakage flux. Adjusting the number of secondary turns may compensate for some errors.

Note :
  • We also manufacture nonstandard current transformer to meet the customers specification.

  • Due to constant attempt to improve the design and due to change in the quality of material available, the figures given above are for general guidance only and are subject to confirmation.